Top 3 Best Android Car Apps 2013

Added on January 30, 2013

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Cars accidents are on the verge of decline because of improvements in road infrastructure and introduction of new technologies. Car safety concerns have also opened a new market for Android application developers. The use of cell phones on the road causes nearly 28% of total accidents (National Safety Council, 2010). Keeping in view this critical situation, many IT companies are bringing in new applications that can help users to decrease these car accidents and save their time. Android clearly holds the bigger share of these applications and has left the Apple store far behind. Here we list some of the most useful car applications for Android. Check them out:


3. Voice Actions

by Google

This application solves most of your problems with a functioning voice recognition system. Through such voice action applications, you can write texts and emails by speaking out loud. You can also make Google searches and activate navigation directions on your Android smart phone (or tablet) by just telling your device your required directions. It can also read unread emails and your voice messages in a loud voice. It will help keep your attention on road and avoid any divergence. This app by Google can and will be a life saver for many!

Voice Actions by Google

2. IOnRoad

by iOnRoad

It might have happened to you that you look down to change the song and suddenly you crashed into the car in front of you for being distracted. This application is new and uses multiple functions of your Android smart phone to give you a good estimate of crashes when you are driving. IOnRoad uses your smart phone camera, GPS and sensors to detect the speed and the expected time to crash. In case of an extremely dangerous situation, the alarms start to beep to return your attention back on road. IOnRoad also helps to avoid collision and accidents because of these important features. Other features of this useful application include headway collision warning, lane changing warning, speeding alerts etc. If you love using your phone while you drive, don’t miss out on this app. It can save your life and probably save you some depreciation on your car insurance.

Android Car App saves you time

1. INRIX Traffic

by INRIX, Inc.

Another free yet very useful application through which you can find the most easy and convenient route to your destination. If your desired destination has a different number of routes, INRIX will guide you about the best route that you can take in order to reach to your destined location. It tells you about the time required and shares the traffic incidents on different roads to give you an idea about the traffic. You can know about the number of accidents and rush at any particular place. Analyzing that situation INRIX will guide you to the best possible route. There is a premium version available with more features to help you transport more safely and conveniently by saving your time.

INRIX Traffic Car App

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