Top 5 Best Android Games 2011

Added on December 9, 2011

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Here is our take on the  Top 5 Best  Paid Android Games for 2011 with download links. These are the best games you could be playing for your Android devices this season in our opinion. They are the best of the best and the runner-ups of the Top Android Games for 2011 are:


5. N.O.V.A 2 HD

Following up on the original, N.O.V.A. the sequel provides all the same gameplay features including many extras. With a much better multiplayer mode, better visuals and better controls, there is not much more you can ask from this Halo lookalike.

4. 9MM HD and Shadowgun HD

The Max Payne style remake ‘9MM’ performs very well in the gameplay department. With stunning visuals for an Android game, you will be hooked for hours to come in this action third-person shooter. An awesome multiplayer just adds to the hours of fun. It would be hard putting your phone down after getting this one.

One of the best-looking  game for us definitely is Shadowgun. The ‘Gears of Wars’ series we all began to love on our Xbox 360s finally has a lookalike on our portable Android Devices. With one of the most eye-catching graphics yet for any Android game and an addictive gameplay which would keep you busy for quite a while, this game basically pays for itself.




3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012  (PES 2012) and FIFA 12

The 3rd position would be a draw as both Konami and EA Sports have refined their games excellently to be played on Android devices. Again, with great visuals and excellent audio (including commentry) it makes these games a must play for any soccer/football fans.

2. Trial Xtreme 2 HD

The follow-up to the very successful platform racer ‘Trial Xtreme’, this game will keep you engrossed for hours on end because of its stunning visuals and very addictive gameplay. Just be careful though, don’t let your boss or colleagues see you playing this at work!


1. Flick Soccer and Flick Golf

Hardcore gamers are yet to make their way onto portable gaming as yet, thus we see a huge inflow of arcade and casual games everyday. But none as good as these ones. The accurate game-play and addictive nature of these games give them a huge boost. Try to put your hands to these games and stop playing!

This was our take on the best android games for 2011. It is totally our opinion and may be subject to change. Nothing is absolute and game ratings may vary due to various types of gamers and their choice of games.

Please let us know through comments if you enjoyed these games or if you have any opinions for the article.

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