Top 5 Best Android Games: October 2012

Added on October 31, 2012

Category: Top Charts

5. Monster Life

A cute and cuddly Gameloft game for Android devices.

We don’t know if it was because of the cute monsters or the finely designed 3D world around you, this game had us engrossed for hours. With more than 20 different monsters to collect, each having it’s own abilities you just can’t stop but pick this game up whenever you have free time. You can get this Gameloft game for free from Google Play.

4. Zombiewood

Zombiewood is a great spin-off combining Gun Bros style gameplay with an apocalyptic zombie setting. Weapon and skill upgrades will keep you playing for hours. If you like shooting zombies, you shouldn’t miss out on Zombiewood. Grab it from Google Play by clicking here.

3. Hanging With Friends

Yet another addictive word game for Android.

Hanging With Friends is a twist on hangman from the makers of Words With Friends. It’s your next game addiction from the creative geniuses behind Words With Friends also known as Zynga. If you like Word games think no more and get this classic from Google Play by clicking here.

2. Angry Gran Run


This game needs no description! Start causing chaos in Angry Granny Run for Android! Click here to get it on Google Play.

1. Call of Mini: Sniper

Zombie shooting game for Android

Like Call of Duty? Especially the Zombie mode? Think no more! Get Call of Mini: Sniper from Google Play for free, you won’t regret it!

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