Top 5 Best Free Android Games 2012

Added on September 4, 2012

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They say the best things in life aren’t free but this year we saw the releases of some of the best Android games of all time and best of all they are all free! Now all chit chat set aside here is our of the best free games that were made available to users of Android phones and tablets in 2012.


5. Road Warrior

A one of a kind racing game, Road Warrior has already won many many awards! This is definitely one of the best racing games that are available for Android in 2012. And to top it all of this game is free! Experience butter smooth gameplay and ultra realistic graphics and physics to conquer the best free Android racer.

Get Road Warriors now! It’s the best free racing game available for Android.

Download: Road Warrior


4. Neon Blitz

A very simple and addictive puzzle game to keep you busy in waiting rooms and everywhere in between. The idea of the game is very simple, you just have to trace a given picture but as you progress the difficulty increases exponentially. An arsenal of over 800 levels, Neon Blitz won’t cause you to get bored anytime soon.

Get it from Google Play below, it’s free!

Download: Neon Blitz 


 3. Blood and Glory: Legend

The arena combat game for mobile devices is back and is more action-packed than ever!

Glu Mobile’s Blood and Glory: Legend puts users in the feet of one of the most under-rated warriors in all of history. Fight to earn respect! This game produces brilliant award winning graphics sure to win the heart of any mobile gamer and just proves the point that mobile gaming is heading in a very good direction and 2013 will surely be even better!

Get Blood and Glory: Legend from Google Play below:

Download: Blood and Glory: Legend


2. Angry Birds Space

Like all the previous versions of the game, Angry Birds Space gives you control of some of the angriest birds in the gaming industry. That is not particularly a bad thing because the pigs have been up to no good… And this time in space!

Mobile Mobile completely renovated their almost perfect to come out with something of above par quality. The visual like always are ever so great and the HD version gives users added visual candy to please their eyes. Gameplay again is pretty awesome. This time you shoot birds while there is no gravity around you, which is sure to spice things up.

Like all the others in our list, this game is free to get so go grab it now. If you want to get rid of the advertisements and support the developer you have the choice to buy an Ad-Free version of the game. But that’s totally up to you and doesn’t hinder gameplay-ability.

Download Angry Birds Space from Google Play below:

Download: Angry Birds Space

1. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger for Android phone and tablet devices was made free due to the huge amounts of app piracy. Gamers can buy it free of cost from Google Play to get one of the best zombie shooter experiences for mobile devices.

The controls and their accuracy is just amazing. You can keep playing for hours. And as you might have noticed from the screenshots of the game, it looks brilliant! Gorgeous crisp visuals always keep you coming back for more.

If you haven’t downloaded this beast already go and get it right now from Google Play.

Get Dead Trigger, our number 1 free Android game of 2012.

Download: Dead Trigger

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