Top 5 Best Zombie Games for Android 2012

Added on November 29, 2012

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Here is our round-up of the best zombie games for Android phone and tablet devices. Better watch your next step and avoid becoming zombie dinner in these apocalyptic zombie worlds. Yikes!

5. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

The only thing better than shooting zombies in their faces is shooting Nazi zombies in their ugly no-good faces. If you have been a fan of the Call of Duty series and Black Ops Zombies specifically, this game should be number one on your list of games to get so be on the lookout for a sale. At the moment it’s available for a regular price of $6.99 from Google Play.

4. Zombiewood

Who says zombie games have to be all gloomy when you can have a fun filled variant of the genre like Zombiewood. Another dual stick zombie shooter with endless waves upon waves coming at you. Download this game from Google Play here considering it’s free.


Another combination of characters that is a sure shot success. Samurai vs zombies! Who would have imagined? Well we did and not it’s here! Grab it from Google Play for free.

2. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

Judge Dredd and zombies together, can this combination ever fail? You can download it from Google Play for free.

1. Dead Trigger

Killing zombies in superb HD graphics is always a treat. Dead Trigger offers users great controls extremely decent gameplay. You can download this game for free from Google Play.

Any and every suggestion is welcome through comments. Let us know how you liked our list of the best apocalyptic zombie games for Android.

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