Top 5 Memory and Puzzle Games for Android that test your brains to the limit

Added on January 21, 2013

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What makes us unique from machines is that we have a fully functional living brain whereas machines only have a logic circuitry board to control them. But both these can be mutually beneficial i.e. the human brain can work to provide even more intelligence to machines and similarly machines can return the favor by providing brain teasing experiences. Well we are talking about Android applications that can be used to train your brain to process things faster.

Puzzle and Memory Games

Here are the top 5 best Android memory and puzzle apps for training your brain. Let us examine each game more closely.


Memory Trainer

This is probably the first result you are going to stumble upon if you search for brain teasing apps for Android in Google or any other search engine. The application which has over 5 million downloads so far is indeed a great Smartphone app that really tests your brain to its limits thereby working it out at the optimum level. Number recall, color recall, spatial arrangements, etc. all combine in this interesting application to provide a solid brain refreshment exercise that will prove to be a great memory exercise as well.

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Matchup from Magma

This unique card game has options to allow two players to play against one another or between the phone and a single player. Movement of cards back and forth is swift and it takes a great deal of memory power to remember previous card positions and hence proves to be a worthy exercise for your brain.

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Mind Games

With over 16 puzzles and nearly 170 difficulty levels this puzzle game application is one of the most grueling among the top android apps for training your brain. It takes the user to a series of complex ventures and can really try your patience but in the process proves to be a healthy brain workout for you.

Mind Games for Android

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Classic Simon

Undoubtedly one of the most classiest android apps for training your brain, the Classic Simon app offers the best experience for a Simon style game and its wide acceptance can be noted from its downloads which today surpass 4 million.

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Find Differences

This rather intuitive game works our brain to the fullest by offering a puzzling 2 faced image and asking them to identify the similarities in both. The game greatly helps to improve concentration as well as observational skills of users and hence proves to be a great addition to this list of top apps for training your brain in Android.

So there you have it folks, the top 5 Android apps for training your brain and make sure that you get a firsthand experience of all these apps if you want to make use of this utility from your Android powered Smartphone to the fullest and it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed. So try it and see for yourselves.

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Memory Mastermind

This one is really addictive! Be extremely careful when playing Memory Mastermind at work.

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