Top 5 Paid Android Games 2011

Added on December 12, 2011

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These are our selections for the Top 5 Paid Android Games from the Android Market followed by the Download Links. Our verdict is that anything spent should be well spent. And here we will round-up the best bang for the buck paid android games,  looking at their graphics (visuals), game-play and replayability (replay value) to decide on their value for money.

5.  Order and Chaos Online HD (Android)

This game would take the No. 5 spot because of the fact it is one of the first fully featured Third-Person MMORPG for Android Devices. Order and Chaos Online features some great visuals for the gamers almost comparable to the PC hit, World of Warcraft. The controls might take a bit to get used too but over its a fun game and will keep you occupied for hours.

4.  N.O.V.A 2 (Android)

Developed using Unreal Engine 3, this little gem by Gameloft features some great shooting fun for casual and serious gamers alike. With a great control mechanism this game is one of the few playable First-Person-Shooters on Android Phones. This game also delivers some excellent and sharp visuals, which is great eye-candy. The multiplayer mode will keep serious and hardcore gamers involved for multiple hours, as there are many levels to gain and lots of weapons to unlock. So if you liked the Halo serious on the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC, this game is a must have.

3. ShadowGUN (Android)

This Gears of War style Third-Person-Shooter has an addictive game-play and great graphics. Perhaps one of the most visually appealing and graphically intensive games on Android to date. Features most of the actions you could perform from Gears of War, right on your Android Phone. We never thought 4-5 years back that gaming like this would be possible on our portable devices, let alone our phones but this is today’s reality now!

Shadow Gun for Android

2.  Modern Combat 3 : Fallen Nation  (UPCOMING on Android)

Can’t say much about this one yet, but the iPhone/iOS counterpart is extremely appeasing to the eyes with great controls, game-play and a great multiplayer mode. Modern Warfare 3 like multiplayer on Android anyone? So stay tuned for this release, we will be one of the first to get it for you.

1. Super Stickman Golf (Android)

Don’t be fooled by the simple looks of this game. Though not the most graphically appealing game we have seen, we can definitely call it one of the most addictive and with the best gameplay. This little Arcade style golf game, will keep you engrossed for many days. Imagine it as the new ‘Angry Birds’ of arcade games for Android. Containing over 250 holes, this game is a keeper!

Super Stickman Golf for Android

Well there is our round-up of the Best Paid Games on Android in 2011 worth spending money on. This was our opinion, and definitely do let us hear yours through comments about your favorites or which games you would like to see added or subtracted from our lists.

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