Top Android Searches April 2012

Added on May 12, 2012

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Hello – hope you all have been having a great weekend. We have something exciting to share with you Android fans..

Today, we are introducing something different, an initiative we feel should be well anticipated and appreciated by mobile app & game developers, including some of you Android geeks ;)

We’ve been getting traffic on all sorts of Android based keywords and a lot of interest from game and app developers to do reviews and offer advertisements on our website. We want to give the credit to our readers, because without them, we wouldn’t have been getting this exciting results on our website.

So here we go, we would like to share what Android keywords we’ve been getting the traffic on, including the percentage of visitors of smartphones (obviously Android) vs. the monstrous computers.

Top Android Games Searched for in the Month of April 2012

1. NBA Jam
2. Quake 3
3. Reckless Racing 2
4. Table Tennis (I wonder, which one is this??)
5. Another World
6. Modern Combat 3
7. Android Games (Interesting, we’ve been getting generic traffic too)
8. Frontline Commando
9. NBA Jam (again? this time with .apk extension)
10. Street Fighter 4

Tip: If you’re looking to download any of the above, just use the search on our site to find the post for the game and happy playing!

Note: The above results are what brought us the traffic, doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the most popular games..

So, how many people searched us using a mobile browser? The answer is, a whopping 35% used their Android devices to find and visit us!

Another interesting note, a huge 24.42% got to us using Google Chrome..

Others included; Firefox 18.14%, Internet Explorer 6.90% (we always knew Microsoft was loosing their browser share, but look at how much!!), Safari 4.67% (no offence to you Apple fans, but Safari’s not the run of the mill when it comes to Android and general techy geeks), Opera 4.41% (Opera, you still there? You were better, weren’t you?), Opera Mini 4.33%, JUC 0.27% (What’s this? I’m outdated…), Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.26% (Mozilla, you’re the engine behind all the fastest browsers – keep it up!), Nokia E5-00 0.13% (Hey guys, sorry, but I’m all sold onto Androids..).

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