Transition from Symbian to Android – Smartphone Selection

Added on February 15, 2011

Category: Nokia Symbian S60

If people have been reading my previous posts about my history with Symbians, issues with Symbian and at this point the Nokia e5 and Nokia’s future plan in a glimpse being the reason for the transition.

I’m ready with building a list of phones that could potentially be my next smartphone. I want a phone that has a touch screen, full keyboard (i generally have preferred candybar blackberry like keyboards rather than the sliding ones), android OS, wifi, gps, motion censor (preferred) and a fair price tag.

Shortlisted phones so far below,

  • samsung galaxy 5510
  • motorola milstone 1 (with froyo?)
  • motorola milestone 2
  • motorola droid global
  • sony ericsson xperia pro (launch 2Q 2011)

The above list doesn’t definitely stand as the final list, but the process is in progress. I’ve given myself another quarter to choose one and go for it – this gives Nokia e5 another 3 months to convince me to maybe stick around with their firmware upgrades which seems doubtful though.

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