Tyrant Unleashed for Android by Kongregate

Added on April 22, 2014

Category: Android Games

IconLead your Faction to Victory! Build your deck, upgrade your cards and battle thousands of players online!Conquer Acheron in this this FREE STRATEGY GAME!Tyrant Unleashed is a compelling combination of strategy and fast-paced battles. Create a deck of noble Imperials, ruthless Raiders, menacing Bloodthirsty, cunning Righteous and destructive Xeno to annihilate other players.5/5 “Love it! Love the game to pieces!”5/5 “Such a great game! This is a wonderful game and I have a lot of fun playing!”

Massively Multiplayer Strategy Actionimage

  •  Join hundreds of thousands of other players worldwide
  •  Create alliances via Guilds!
  •  Train vast armies to battles against enemy Factions!
  •  Conquer enemies across Ashrock and beyond!
  •  Upgrade units, Commanders and structures to strengthen your Army!
  •  Plan strategy in real time live Guild chat
  •  Participate in Events for valuable rewards

Download On Google Play

Price: Free

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