Ubisoft Prepping ‘Ivory Tower’ Game for PlayStation 4

Added on February 6, 2013

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Hold on to your horses because there are all kinds of secrets making the rounds right now. We heard of a secret project- well not so secret since we know of it- that Ubisoft might be working on. The story went that the gaming giant may release a game titled Ivory Tower that can be played on the PS4, PS3 and the Xbox 360.

But now we know that Ivory Tower is the name of a development studio that was set up in 2007 by the best minds in the gaming world. Based out of Lyon, France, the studio believes in creating a whole new gaming experience for users everywhere. Considering that the team behind the Tower gave us such cult games such as Test Drive® Unlimited, Need for Speed™ and V-Rally, one can understand why everyone is all excited about this news.

But the story of the Ivory Tower game is not baseless. There seems to be some truth to the idea that Ivory Tower is creating a game for Ubisoft that might well be called Ivory Tower. And considering that Sony released its trailer for the PS4 just a few days ago, it makes sense to accept the idea that it will be a game for the gaming platform.

What’s adding fuel to the fire is the rash of recruitments that are happening at Ubisoft Annecy. Annecy is most known as an outsourcing studio for Ubisoft though you will recognize their work if you’ve played Assassin’s Creed. So Annecy is looking for a Live Programmer, Online Programmer and a Lead level Artist. And everyone already involved in the project is talking of working on an ‘undisclosed/new/unannounced project.’

Ivory Tower the company is working exclusively with Ubisoft. They have a partnership and the site clearly indicates that they are helping them usher their next game into the market. Gamers believe that given the past creations, the new game might well revolve around racing as well. Besides, the developers are looking for people who can create online multiplayer games, which goes well with the company’s own claim of wanting to create a new kind of gaming.

Let’s throw in another point just to make things interesting. There’s a resume of a developer doing the rounds claims he’s working on a ‘confidential game’ for Ivory Tower that can be played on the PS4, among other platforms. That’s generated a lot of interest too. We’ll know more once the PlayStation Meeting happens this month where Sony is set to reveal the PlayStation 4.

The meeting is happening on February 20th and you can sign up for updates. The last time there was a meeting, the company announced some amazing stuff, mind-boggling things so there’s got to be absolutely brilliant things in store, if we know anything at all about Sony. Also Sony is in some stiff competition with Microsoft, seeing how both companies are set to launch a new generation of software. If the PS4 can come before the Xbox 720’s release, that’s more power to Sony.

Sony has had its share of woes, in the form of financial troubles and new hardware will be a shot in the arm for the company. It will also help to restore faith in the eyes and minds of stockholders and company loyalists. Things work slowly with Sony; the company does not believe in slipshod work- a testament to its commitment to excellence. We waited a year after the Vita announcement to lay our hands on it so the new hardware, despite assurances that it will be out well before Christmas, might be a little while in coming. There should be more computational power than what Microsoft has on offer we think, including AMD 10 eight-core technology. It might even have new controllers and biometric features. Imagine a new game on such an advanced console!

The suspense is almost unbearable…

Ivory Tower by Ubisoft

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