VLC Player releases Beta for Android devices

Added on July 3, 2012

Category: Android News

The most popular media player for computers, VLC Player, has released a beta version for Android phones and tablets. The beta is now available on Google Play.

VLC Player Android

VLC Player for Android though not as feature-rich as its PC computer part, is still a very welcome sight for all Android users. If you have one of the supported devices, VLC Player will give you access to all your media library (music and video) right on you phone or tablet including support for subtitles.

Only two devices support Hardware Acceleration as of now, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III. Both these devices are able to play 720p MKV videos pretty smoothly without any kind of stuttering. Galaxy Nexus and S II also work pretty decently with Hardware Acceleration with official support for more devices coming soon.

A number of features are still incomplete like the basic user interface, performance and a few audio issues but the developers have mentioned these will be included in the final release. So whether you are a power-user or just a casual-user, if you care about watching your videos on the go then VLC Player for Android is just right for you.

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