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Added on April 24, 2014

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IconNeed an android application for you or your company ? I can make it for you! Contact me by email.Send me an email and I try to fix your problem quicly.Don’t install on SD card and exclude to your task killer.Tutorials :If you want to control your phone Widgetsoid is THE tool to have. It provides widgets totally customizable; you can choose over 50 toggles!Widgetsoid is the only app who has custom color for icons and indicator!User can customize his widgets and make amazing home screen.

Features :image

  • Custom backgrounds (choose from gallery, custom color…);
  • Change Widgets transparency;
  • Edit existed widgets;
  • Customizable colors;
  • Customizable labels;
  • Show/hide dividers;
  • Label colors;
  • Choose icon color;
  • Choose outer blur color;
  • Different widgets size;
  • Different indicator type (long, thin, round, short or none)
  • Horizontal and vertical widgets

Advanced features:

  • Widgets in notification bar;
  • 2 two rows widgets and notifications;
  • Possibility to remove widgets size;
  • Preview of your widget on configuration screen;
  • Backup / restore zip and dropbox
  • You can save your widgets on profiles and load it when you want!

The power control widget is not customizable and has only 5 toggles but this is Widgetsoid toggles:

  •  2G/3G (Shortcut to mobile settings)
  •  4G (WiMAX for EVO)
  •  Data (Renaming APN or toggle APN)
  •  Wifi
  •  NFC
  •  Clock
  •  Weather
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Brightness (custom seekbar, custom levels…)
  •  Stay Awake
  •  Always ON
  •  GPS (1 click for compatible phone or root user see FAQ)
  •  Auto Sync
  •  Force synchro
  •  Auto Rotate
  •  Airplane Mode
  •  Media Scanner
  •  Screen timeout (different modes)
  •  Torch (Flashlight, different mode if it’s not work automatically)
  •  Mount USB
  •  Mount SD card
  •  Auto Lock
  •  Pattern Lock
  •  Reboot (only for root users! Shutdown, bootloader, normal, recovery or fastboot)
  •  Battery
  •  Temperature (battery)
  •  Phone memory
  •  SD memory
  •  RAM memory
  •  Locale
  •  Hotspot Wifi
  •  USB Tether
  •  Volume manager
  •  Speaker
  •  Ring mode
  •  Lock Screen (turn your screen off)
  •  Direct Shortcut app (All activities or applications)
  •  Direct Shortcut contacts (or open popup with call, sms, email)
  •  Direct Shortcut bookmarks

You can find more informations on official web site

You will find permissions descriptions and FAQ to help you to use Widgetsoid.

Download On Google Play

Price: Free

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