Wind-up Knight 2 for Android by Robot Invader

Added on April 22, 2014

Category: Android Games

IconHigh-end platforming gameplay in a beautiful 3D world!Your favorite clockwork automaton is back with a bigger world, crazy new mechanics, and even more insidious levels!INCREDIBLE GRAPHICSDouble jumping over a spike trap while diving sword-first into a crazed Hippogriff never looked so good!UNBEATABLE GAMEPLAYCheckpoints, Bouncy Pads, Ice Blocks, Warps, Rolling Boulders, and a whole slew of new mechanics!SIDE-QUESTSThink you’ve got a level beat? Think again! Side-quests in every level force you to think outside the helmet!TOURNAMENT MODESchool your leaderboard friends by playing a daily challenge on just one life!CUSTOMIZE YOUR KNIGHTUse power-ups and items to play your way.Wind-up Knight has been played by ten million people. Wind-up Knight 2 turns all the dials up to 11.


Download On Google Play

Price: Free

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