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Added on March 17, 2014

Category: Android Games

IconWord HiveFind as many words as possible before the time runs out!Tap a word letter by letter. You can select any letter that touches a letter in your word. To play a word tap any letter you have selected or push the blue button. Watch the video for some examples.Three game modes are available:

  •  In Classic mode find as many words as possible. Every time you find a word new tiles will ImageWord Hivefall to replace them.
  •  Arcade mode plays like classic mode, but there are special tiles and a combo bar. The faster you find words the faster your combo bar fills up, and the more points you score!
  •  In Survival mode you start with an empty board and tiles fall. Find words to keep the board from filling up, because when the board is full the game is over. At each level tiles start dropping faster! See how long you can survive!

Special tiles are:

Red Bomb: blows up neighbors when used in a word

Blue – Pause: pauses time. the pause time is based on the length of the word (not score). In survival mode this will delay the time until the next letter fals

Green – Double the word score
Pink – Random letter: This tile will change letters every few seconds. If used in a word it is worth 3x the word score.

Connect with Google+ for leaderboards and achievements.

Download Word Hive from Google Play

Price: Free

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