WordPress on Samsung Gio

Added on March 21, 2012

Category: Android Reviews

Still exploring my last purchase which is a a
Samsung Gio. For the people who have not read my last posts I have moved from a Symbian keyboard based phone Nokia e5.

I am yet to write a detailed review on the Samsung Gio, but waiting on exploring the Android Os 2.2.1 and the phone itself in full prior to writing a review.

This post is being written using WordPress for Android directly from my phone. The idea for this post is to review the basic capabilities of the app and so far it seems to be doing the job fairly well. More on this soon to as it gets a stress test.

P.S. For the people who are scared of moving from a physical qwerty keyboard to a touch based keyboard, they are partially right in doing so, because so was I. Although spending a week with the touch keyboard I am getting better at it and this in no way can substitute a regular keyboard but definitely it becomes usable. You should tell from the fact that I have written this entire post on a touch keyboard. Its the spell correction that has been a great friend in making me now feel native to an Android touch keyboard. I am also of the opinion so far that a keyboard setup well is better than swype character recognition or any other form of typing on the touch keyboard.

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