X-Ray App detects Malware But Cannot Repair

Added on December 11, 2012

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X-Ray App detects Malwares in Android device, but cannot fix them

Lately, Android has been in the news for the raids of malware against its operating software. According to F-Secure, a security research company, with more than 75 percent of malware attacks against the Google’s OS during first quarter of 2012, the software is at higher risk of malicious attacks than any other operating system.

Get your Android device “X-Rayed”

Most of the Android smartphone users are already aware of the threats from hackers, but what they may not be aware of is whether their device is vulnerable to the malware attack or not. If you fear for the security of your Android device, do not fret anymore – X-Ray, Duo Security’s free app, aims to resolve that mystery.

When you install the app in your Android phone or tablet, it scans the device, checking it’s vulnerabilities against any of the most popular eight malwares affecting Android OS. X-Ray is not available on Google Play Store market. You can download the app from its personal download page. Ironically, an app to fight the malware threat increases the chances of affecting your mobile phone, as you would have to allow your Android device to install apps from unknown, non-Google Play store sources, which can put your device at risk if you’re not careful.

In order to install X-Ray onto your device, go to Settings – Applications and then check the box next to “Unknown sources.” After downloading and installing the app, go back to Applications and uncheck that box.

X-Ray is compatible to all Android smartphones with almost every version of Android operating system. A user checked the effectiveness of the app by downloading it on two Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note, run on Android 2.3.6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9, which uses Android 3.2. It was observed that X-Ray’s scans detected that both devices were vulnerable to the Gingerbreak exploit.

What is Gingerbreak?

Gingerbreak is a gap or the weakness, which is exploited by the malware and installed on your device without your knowledge, giving the hackers complete access to your personal information, including your text messages, phone calls, photo gallery and other personal data.

For example, if you download Angry Birds from an unofficial app store instead of Google’s Play Store, then your mobile phone is at higher risk of extracting malicious files that can prove to be a gateway for hackers’ control over your device. These exploitations are made possible because of a Trojan horse that uses the Gingerbreak exploit to install a malicious code.

Limitations of X-Ray

Some bad news for the Android users. X-Ray can only scan and detect the presence of malicious malware in the phone, in shape of Android spy; but it does not have the ability to find the cure if the device has already been infected with the malware. The only way is to keep your device secure from any possible threat from malicious malware and avoid downloading software from any unknown source, but only the Google Play store only.


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